American youth want to live the dream

A recent study proves that we are all seeking that chance to be our own boss these days. The Foundation commissioned Harris Interactive to conduct an online survey of 2,438 youth ages 8 to 21 about entrepreneurship. It shows that four in 10 young people would like to start their own business in the future,…More

Where to found your startup’s office

It’s hard to know what to look for when you are seeking your first office complex–moving on from the nice atmosphere of your single apartment or mother’s basement. Xobni recently talked through the factors that helped them decide on their new office in San Francisco in a blog post. The top tips they give: Go…More

Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) are a great way to tell your marketing story online

I love ARGs–or alternate reality games–as a marketing tool. I personally find them fascinating when used effectively. Two of my recent favorites have been the ILoveBees campaign from 42 Entertainment for Microsoft’s Halo 2 release, and the “Ethan Haas was Right” mystery currently marketing J.J. Abrams’ new movie codenamed “Cloverfield” online. If you haven’t seen…More

Branding: Do it or someone else will do it for you

Branding is one of if not THE most critical part of starting a small business beyond having the original business idea. For big companies, branding is what makes them a household name, but smaller businesses can overlook how important it is to form a brand before you can begin to generate any kind of marketing…More

SnorgTees makes old idea new, social

If you have never heard of One Week Job, the blog/video series follows Sean Aiken as he travels from job to job in search of his passion. The ultimate goal of the project is to work 52 jobs in 52 weeks and possibly find his dream job. In week 30, he visited SnorgTees. SnorgTees is…More

How to find trends the Web 2.0 way: Trend Hunter and

If your job depends on your ability to follow the “cool” or keep in touch with the latest obsessions–probably true of all entrepreneurs–then it would benefit you to follow new Web start ups. Two sites have emerged on the scene to spread the word on the latest trends. Trend Hunter – Trend Hunters create portfolios,…More

Why Google’s Android will revolutionize cell phone usage, smartphones

As part of my recent Zen-ifying and simplifying of life, maximizing the amount of productive time in my day, I have downgraded. I traded in my MDA for a basic Samsung candybar phone. Why would a techie downgrade? Time wasted because smartphones are not good enough for either of their fucntions today. I couldn’t justify…More

Public Relations 101: Don’t be lazy

Not to offend anyone who was caught in the crossfire of Wired’s Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson’s backlash recently, but one of the most important rules of media relations is knowing your target journalist and tailoring your message to their outlet/beat. Anderson recently posted the email addresses of anyone who had emailed him as editor-in-chief rather than…More