The first text Rick Roll?

When iChat is down, good employees improvise. Could this be the first text Rick Roll? Notepad “iChat” Transcript Lance: Man, not having Internet blowsLance: Oh, s***, but check this out…Lance: That one’s cool, but it’s nothing compared to this one.Me:

When You Win Over A Community: The Story of Help A Reporter Out

I don’t want to sound like a fanboy of Peter Shankman’s Help A Reporter Out (HARO) since I already posted about it recently, but I wanted to point out this video produced by one of the many fans of Shankman’s new query service. In truth, I am sort of a fanboy for the service. I…More

It’s No Dark Night for The Dark Knight

I saw The Dark Knight at the first IMAX midnight showing Thursday night. In the long line of fans and fanboys, some dressed in Joker or Batman costumes, I kept thinking about the viral marketing and alternate reality game, or ARG, that has now come to an end, I assume, with the release of the…More

Don’t play with your news. It’ll stick that way

As “news fatigue” sweeps the nation’s youth and increases the difficulty of presenting in-depth news, MSNBC has a new suite of tools to present news in an interesting way. Called NewsWare, the new collection of offerings lets visitors play with their news and take it places like Facebook when in widget form.More

MySpace gives in to Facebook by redesigning for a second chance

One of the biggest knocks against MySpace — especially from me — was that the design of the profile pages was just too busy. Too much color, flashing boxes, music and spam. I never even made a profile on MySpace because I never saw the need to enter that public online chaos. Technically, Facebook tricked…More

Do you really understand social media?

I mean REALLY understand it? Even on paper? Social Media in Plain English from leelefever on Vimeo. How about now? I bet you want ice cream now, too. Video from leelefever (Common Craft) and found via Todd AndMore

Why I Have Resisted FriendFeed

I stand in the world without a FriendFeed. It may be a slightly darker, colder less RSS-blissful place, but I am okay with that for the moment. If you’ve been trapped under some Web 1.0 rock, FriendFeed is an aggregate service that allows you to link all your social media profiles, blogs and services into…More

Why I Love Twitter and Became ProBlogger/YouTube Famous

Last month, Darren Rowse of asked his Twitter followers — that includes me — why they loved Twitter. He took those responses and turned them into a video slideshow on YouTube enhanced with a rocking instrumental track. Check me out around 4:03 AND AGAIN at 4:17. Yeah, that’s right — twice. Don’t worry. I’ll…More

“Dear Sister”: The Anatomy of an Internet Meme

First, it was just a silly scene at the end of The O.C. episode “Dear Sister” — I know, of all TV shows to create a meme, The O.C. Then Saturday Night Live (SNL) made it into a digital short. After seeing it spoofed on SNL, YouTube users made remixes of popular Internet videos based…More

Time to work: Public Relations pitching in a social media world

Pitching bloggers, just like traditional media outlets, takes research and significant effort. To be effective, you really have to know your audience and what will interest them. Off-topic pitches are a bad first impression, and they can stick with you if you are unlucky enough. With the growing number of social media communication tools and…More