American youth want to live the dream

A recent study proves that we are all seeking that chance to be our own boss these days.

The Foundation commissioned Harris Interactive to conduct an online survey of 2,438 youth ages 8 to 21 about entrepreneurship. It shows that four in 10 young people would like to start their own business in the future, while another 37 percent believe starting their own business is a possibility. Those who want to have their own business say their top reasons are to use their skills and abilities (92 percent), build something for their future (89 percent), be their own boss (87 percent), see their ideas realized (81 percent) and earn lots of money (85 percent). In the United States, 63 percent of respondents in the Harris survey already believe that, if they work hard, they can be entrepreneurs.

[via Jeff Cornwall]

The possibilities excite me because a larger number of young entrepreneurs means greater risks and great advancements in the world of business and tech. The study also shows that a large number of young adults are looking to specialize and make use of their unique skills rather than becoming another one of the drones–see the 92 percent that want to start their own business to use “their skills and abilities.”

Good luck to us all.

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