I am a passionate worker, not a workaholic

I work two jobs. My first job is a day job that pays me enough to be full-time where I get to practice public relations, and my second job is blogging on my three current sites, ugachaka.net, Fantasy Football Fools and here at wannabeMogul.com, which doesn’t exactly pay me full-time but one can always dream.…More

Grades don’t matter as much as experience does

I bet the last thing you want to hear when you are coming out of college is that your grades will get your nowhere. In fact, as a night owl of both college and high school, I like to think that the hard work I put in to pull A’s was all worth it. But…More

Welcome Business Pundit readers!

A guest post I wrote for Business Pundit this week went live today. I have to thank Rob for presenting me to a new audience of business moguls and young leaders. If you haven’t seen the post, check it out and become a regular of Business Pundit like me. The post discusses a new breed…More

Chief officers make you or break you

I read a great article over at MarketingDeviant.com discussing the effect of bad chief officers. I can’t emphasize enough how important I think it is to surround yourself with quality, motivated people–especially in a startup situation where your few employees are led by that strong support of the chief officers. CEOs cannot make any calls…More

Syncing Social Updates: Using Twitter with Facebook and Pownce Syncing

Twitter has the hype. Competitors like Pownce are springing up to offer more, but it’s hard to beat a simple 140-character messaging service. It’s simple. Marketers and public relations professionals have embraced the service and seen how useful it can be to connect with publics. Some analysts champion it as the best new opt-in direct…More

Threadless.com uses a retail location to build brand love

If you are not familiar with Threadless.com, they make shirts. Unlike most companies who choose their designs based upon focus testing and select influential parties, Threadless uses the crowd. Similar to SnorgTees.com, Threadless accepts user-submitted designs. They use a public rating system to determine what shirts to print; therefore, they let the crowd run their…More

Top 5 needs of a small business all come down to comfort

In the Texas Startup Blog‘s top 5 things that startups need and what to avoid, I noticed a similarity relating to my post about seeking an office. When you are young and not so full of cash, the best thing to do for a a business is to make the office a comfortable place to…More